On the Kingdom

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Kingdom when?

In my mind, issues of the kingdom are not discussed often enough and with enough care. It’s a major theme through Scripture and should command our attention and scholarship. That’s why I appreciate resources that make me think like the one below.

In a recent series, Dr. Randy White goes through the principles of the book, The Theocratic Kingdom, by George N.H. Peters.

The goal of this series is “proving the physical-only nature of the coming Kingdom of God.” By “physical-only” we mean that if the Kingdom is not physical, it is not real, present, or established. While there is a spiritual basis for the Kingdom, and the power of the Kingdom is spiritual, the idea of a spiritualized Kingdom is foreign to the pages of both Old and New Testaments, and is only a construct of modern Catholic Theology, subsequently adopted into Reformed Theology, retained in Evangelical Theology, and in recent days adopted into Dispensational Theology by way of Progressive Dispensationalism.

Dr. White believes that the Kingdom of God is future, physical, and fraternal and will be physically established by the Messiah at the Second Coming of Christ. He also believes that incorrect Kingdom theology is the source of a majority of cultic, charismatic, Catholic theologies, as well as the fountainhead of the social justice movement in evangelicalism.