On Proper Trinitarianism

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Help me understand

For a simple-minded guy like me, it’s always appreciated when someone comes along and takes a difficult concept and, without sacrificing truth, makes it understandable, chewable, digestible, and applicable.

This piece written by Mike Riccardi does a great job summarizing a complicated debate that recently arose within the circles of evangelicalism surrounding the relationship of the Persons in the Godhead.

Here’s an excerpt:

I’ve become convinced that there can be no eternal relations of authority and submission ad intra, within the life of the Trinity from eternity, because (1) submission is the subjection of one will to another and therefore it requires multiple faculties of will; because (2) will is a property of nature, not person, and thus two wills require two natures; and (3) there is only one nature in the Godhead.

If there’s a doctrine of the church worth wrestling with (and there are many), trinitarianism has got to be high on the list.