Strategically, at some point the church must reach people with the call to the narrow way of discipleship. It may wish to reach people ‘where they are,’ but it knows it cannot leave them where they are. ‘Where they are’ is lost, analogous to where I was when my cancer surgeon told me that I had stage 3 cancer (with a 25 percent chance of survival). Dr. Celebrezze was not interested in reaching me; he was interested in saving me, the first step of which was communicating the perilousness of my condition. If reaching people ‘where they are’ appears to endorse ‘where they are,’ then it is the most significant strategic error the church can possibly make. At some point, it must mention taking up a cross daily, forsaking father and mother for Christ, and repentance When the church approaches and individual as a consumer to be pleased, rather than as a recalcitrant sinner to be rescued, the church is no longer doing what it is called to do.
— T. David Gordon, Why Johnny Can’t Sing Hymns, 166.